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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

To place an order go to the shop and checkout and submit order.  Provide all the info needed and an invoice will be sent within 24 hrs.  If there are any questions regarding your request you will receive an email prior to an invoice.  If your date is unavailable you will receive an email letting  you know.  


How do I pay?

An invoice will be set once order is accepted.  Invoice must be paid online within 48 hrs to hold the date.  If payment is not made an email will be sent letting you know your order was cancelled.


Can I cancel my order?  

Once you pay your date is booked and that means that I cannot accept other potential orders.  Please note I only take a few orders each weekend to ensure the best quality.  In addition, I may begin to buy supplies for your order as much as 3-4 weeks prior.  As such te following applies for an order cancelled by you:

  •  Refund of 75% of payment if order is canceled at least 14 days before pick up date. 

  • 25% will be refunded if the order is canceled prior to 7 days

  • No refunds are made for any cancellations 7 days or less

  • Full refund if I need to cancel for any reason

Do you offer Nut Free or Gluten Free?

Yes!  I currently have a Nut Free and Gluten Sensitive option, however please note that the kitchen is not nut or gluten free and cross contamination is possible.  I do NOT offer Dairy Free/Egg Free options.


What does ‘PreSale’ mean?

When I offer a ‘Pre-Sale’ for holiday sets I do so at a reduced cost.  Limited to no customization available .  All pre-sale orders must be paid in full at time of ordering and no refunds will be allowed.  


Do you ship?

Sorry, unfortunately I do not offer shipping at this time.


Do you deliver?

Yes I do deliver within a 30 min drive of New Berlin for a fee of $25


Can I freeze the cookies?

Yes!  I suggest you place them carefully in a freezer safe bag or container.  Make sure nothing is placed on top of them in the freezer.  When you remove them, place them on the counter and ensure they defrost completely (usually 4-6 hrs weather dependent) before you expose them to air outside for their bag.  


How long will they stay fresh once I receive them?

Cookies will be freshest within a week, however I have customers who have stated they easily last 2-3 weeks before starting to go stale or hard.


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